From humble beginnings, our equipment now serves the world, enabling our customers to preserve, to innovate, to serve, to heal and to educate in the foodservice, health, hospitality, bio-science, marine and education industries across every continent and in all climates.

Placing reliability, durability and energy efficiency at the centre of our design process, generations of Hoshizaki engineers have helped us build an international reputation for high quality, well-designed products.

And by merging with refrigeration specialist Gram Commercial, we have brought together the brilliance of Japanese engineering and the intelligence of Danish design. Our collaboration has created the world’s most connected, innovative and responsible manufacturer of cold solutions.

Together, we continue to explore the realms of possibility.

The Hoshizaki Electric Company was founded by Mr Shigetoshi Sakamoto who demonstrated remarkable foresight when he started our company in Nagoya, Japan in 1947.

From an early stage Mr Sakamoto recognised the need to invest in research and technology and in 1959 his son Seishi joined the company. Together the pair worked with engineers who shared their vision and the breakthrough came with their invention of the first ice machine in Japan in 1965.

With the company’s reputation for invention and consistent quality established at home in Japan, businesses from across the world began to demand our products. And gradually, with expansion firstly in Asia, America, then Europe and most recently the Middle East and Africa, Hoshizaki has become a truly global company reaching customers in over 100 countries.

We have faith in the power of precision engineering and the intelligence of inspired design to forge a brighter future.

We believe that innovative technology can transform businesses and change lives without costing our planet and we pledge to cross frontiers and break boundaries in the pursuit of a sustainable future for our industry and for the benefit of the natural world.

Hoshizaki is committed to creating a sustainable future serviced by pioneering, energy efficient equipment supported by a global network of capable engineers.

Our vision is to be the leading solutions provider of professional foodservice equipment

Our mission is to supply high-quality, sustainable foodservice equipment, aimed at satisfying the requirements of professional clients and applications, supplied competitively and supported by dedicated customer service.