Item number: F140-C106

FM-1200ALKE-CO2N Nugget Ice Maker, Modular

Modular nugget ice machine for connection with R744 remote condensing unit or central cooling system.

Solution includes:

  • Evaporator only (without compressor and condenser)
  • Evaporation pressure regulator settings: suction pressure 15 bar, evaporation temperature -25┬░C
  • Superheat expansion valve controller
  • High pressure safety valve. Operates above 4.7MPa (47 bar)
  • NB: Pressure transmitter not included

Please notice:

  • Corresponding bins: B-340SA (+ TK18D Top Kit)
  • Accessories: Mounting bracket, Installation Kit, Water supply tube, Water drain tube
  • Certification standard: EC (IEC), FCM, HACCP
  • Safety: IEC Conform to the standard
  • Electrical circuit breaker protection: Circuit breaker, earth wire
  • Drain outlet: R3/4 (Rear)
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Key features:

  • Efficient ice making process due to HoshizakiέΑβs unique FM auger system.
  • Utilises all water brought into the machine; therefore water consumption is equal to ice production.
  • Auger is made of double hardened stainless steel. Combined with carbon bearings, they work optimally in a tough and wet environment. Benefits include: longer product life expectancy and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Hoshizaki ice makers are micro computer controlled, controlling the ice making process to perform at its best under varying circumstances, without having to make physical adjustments.
  • Quality stainless steel auger and evaporator increase the life expectancy of these components and the whole ice maker, as well as reducing costly maintenance visits.
  • An easily cleanable air filter allows end users to carry out a routine cleaning schedule, extending product life expectancy and reducing the frequency and costs of maintenance call-outs.
Product series FM
Model name FM-1200ALKE-CO2N
Item number F140-C106
Product title Nugget Ice Maker, Modular
Production capacity (kg/24h) approx. 1060
Electric connection 1/220 – 240V/50Hz
Electric connection Load (kW) 0.515
Outside Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 762 x 700 x 780
Ice type Nugget
Refrigerant SplitCO2
Cooling system Remote Condenser
Product configuration Modular
Net weight (kg) 99
Gross Weight Packed (kg) 111
Corresponding bin(s) B-340SA
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Instruction manual Download
Declaration of conformity Download
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