Item number: M066-D009

IM-65NE-HC-LM Big Cube Ice Maker, Self Contained

This self-contained ice maker uses Natural Refrigerant R290 which is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. This ice maker produces big ice cubes (48 x 48 x 58 mm), tailored for the mixologists and cocktail bars that like to differentiate themselves and add to the full cocktail experience with the uniqueness of ice shapes without eliminating the purpose of properly cooling the drink with minimal dilution. Still part of our cube ice making system, fresh water is used for each cycle, ensuring only the highest quality of ice.
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  • Unique ice making system that has an automatic rinse cycle. After every new batch of ice, the water reservoir drains and refills with fresh water.
  • System comes with a magnetic water pump that has no direct coupling, which prevents any leakage.
  • Closed water circuit offers the ultimate contamination protection, by reducing the number of points at which impurities can enter the ice making process.
  • Electronically controlled to ensure an optimized ice making process under varying circumstances without the need for physical adjustments. Quality of ice is always consistent.
  • An easily cleanable air filter allows end-users to carry out routine cleaning schedules. Extends product life expectancy and reduces the frequency and costs of maintenance call-outs.
Product series IM
Model name IM-65NE-HC-LM
Item number M066-D009
Product title Big Cube Ice Maker, Self Contained
Production capacity (kg/24h) approx. 35
Storage bin capacity (kg) approx. 26
Electric connection 1/220 – 240V/50Hz
Outside Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 633 x 506 x 860
Ice type Big Cube – LM
Refrigerant R290
CO2 equivalent (kg) 315
Cooling system Air Cooled
Product configuration Self Contained
Net weight (kg) 51
Gross Weight Packed (kg) 61
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